The 50 Best Radio Station Websites in the World

They’re exploring new possibilities, discovering the Internet’s exciting avenues into spaces Radio never could have gone before. The Top 50 Radio Station Websites in the World are both major- and small-market operators who’ve discovered a passion for the Internet in themselves and their listeners. The approaches and philosophies of their Internet presences are as varied as their formats, markets, and creative minds.

Some concentrate on building revenue, launching as portals for the local business community. Others let their sites shine as the ultimate marketing and promotional support for their Radio Stations. Many seized the opportunity to be the definitive local resource for the listener interests. The majority combined these pursuits with many others: Some stream their signals online, while others have built Internet-only Radio stations to complement existing offerings and formats. A few are making big dollars, but those committed to the Internet see their fortunes run parallel to effort. These Best Websites are entered in the Radio Ink competition all offer you opportunity to advance your learning curve. Radio is the leading major media to embrace the Internet and these forerunners deserve a pat on the back for blazing the trail.


Trying to determine the best of the best is an agonizing process. In our book, it came down to four finalists, all of whom deserve the championship belt for different reasons—the KIISFM Los Angeles combo, KFMB-FM/San Diego’s, in Houston and Atlanta’s

Each has strong points in the different approaches, which made the decision even more difficult, 99X does very little wrong. KFMB is always on target and thinking ahead. Merge933’s total integration of the WEB with its on-air product is revolutionary and smart.

But KIIS combines a first-class station site at with its international superstation Its efforts to extend its brand to the video world and build a sister entertainment portal is a smart move that showcases how Radio can take advantage of the Internet to bloom into more than it ever thought possible.


Not every Radio station should aspire to emulate this category. These Websites are loaded with heavy doses of rich multimedia, and some of the content may require more processing power and high-speed access than the majority of Radio listeners have or know how to utilize. It’s no accident that this list is dominated by Alternative, Top 40 and Rock stations—their younger demos are the ones most likely to be submerged in Internet culture and demand the bells and whistles that these Websites offer. But, these stations are Radio/Internet pioneers and provide a preview of what every Radio Website should aspire to provide in the near future.

  • — Top 40 surfers in Los Angeles enjoy one of the few Radio sites in the world that’s gone full out to become a complete entertainment portal.


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