Why should you consider OONEEK for your trade show needs?  If you’ve never attended a trade show as an exhibitor or you have attended and weren’t impressed with the results, perhaps it’s time to consider a unique or should we say an OONEEK approach.  What can our trade show consultants do for you?

Our trade show consultants can:

  • Help guide you through proper event planning and execution to insure a successful trade show exhibit
  • Help hone your teams skills to simplify the trade show experience
  • Help you take advantage of every opportunity presented by a trade show
  • Help you choose the right trade show booth, furnishings, Audio/Visuals, lighting and graphics
  • Help you determine which trade shows are worth the time and effort of attending
  • Help you decide which promotional items will work best at drawing more traffic and branding your image on the consumer’s memory
  • Help deliver the audience to your booth

Contact OONEEK today, so we may guide you through the trade show exhibiting process from start to finish and explain the advantages of services we offer: